Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In fairness

Things like this American Cowboys post at Blackfive are why I support the US military and what it is doing in Iraq. What our men are doing isn't just fighting al-Qaeda directly; they are also teaching the people there how to live in freedom without us having to be there. In the meantimes, I find arguments like this one at Council of Fifty rather ignorant, at least of this aspect of our effort.
As I read various political blogs, I'm rather bothered that the level of discourse descends to the level of calling one another vile and vulgar names. There are, occasionally, intelligent and informative comments offered. I'd like to follow more of them, although sometimes they are more than I want to read carefully.
Apparently, in the primary elections in Virginia and Maryland, McCain is ahead, and so is Obama. I don't know that I have expressed a preference on the Democratic nominee except that I don't care for either of them. And since I'm not a member of the Democratic party, I don't have a vote, until November.
I've seen preliminary reports that the "peaceful" protests against the USMC Recruiting station in Berkely are turning a bit less so, now that supporters of the Marines have shown up in numbers. I'll have to watch this: I have had an evil sneaking suspicion that the so-called peace lovers of Code Pink were likely to turn violent in an ugly fashion. But that could be just my prejudice.

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