Friday, February 8, 2008

Romney's out

I was wondering what Romney was going to accomplish by campaigning all the way to the convention, since his worse-than-I-expected showing on Tuesday left him far behind McCain. I wondered if it would be better for him to cut his losses and look to the future.
Apparently that's what he decided, too. I think it's a sensible, even a wise move. I'd like to see where he goes from here.

In looking over my usual poliitical blogs, I see there's a flap going on over remarks made by the Archbishop of Canterbury. I'll have to look into that a bit further. I don't have a high regard for the Anglican church in the first place. I could go on about what I think its moral failings are, but since I haven't studied it carefully, I should probably stay safe and refrain from a public demonstration of ignorance, prejudice, and folly.

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