Thursday, January 17, 2008

Baptist missionaries

I wrote a post yesterday, and put it on the wrong blog. I moved it, which is why I have two posts today.

I really don't see much to comment on in the political arena; lots more talk, no new results; more or less the same in the reusable launch vehicle industry, and about the same in the bloggernacle (the community of Mormon bloggers).

I had a pair of Baptists come tracting at my door today, and basically told them I had my own religion and wasn't interested in theirs. They asked whether, if I died today, whether I could be sure I was going to heaven: I said I'd leave that up to God. They tried to offer me a tract, andI said no thanks, I have a Bible and read it whenever I feel like it.

There once was a time when I would have been happy to get into a religious discussion with them. But then I actually had such a discussion. There are too many Baptist ministers who claim that because I'm a Mormon, I'm not even Christian. There are too many of them who are all too convinced that Mormons are ignorant, or deluded, or dishonest, if they say they believe in Christ, and I didn't want to risk getting into that kind of argument. I also didn't feel like getting into an argument over whether I'm saved or not, or whether I ought to be sure that I am, While I'm sure it would be good for me if I felt like reading the Bible a little more often, or even if I read it when I don't much feel like it, I didn't feel like arguing about that, either.

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